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I was reading through my blog last night, and realized that I had some updates to share with everyone.  So here  goes.

Genetics testing revealed no known genetic markers for Cade’s autism.  However, it was very comforting to find out that if I do decide to have another child one day, that I am at no higher risk to have another spectrum child than is the general population.

The biggest gain from the psychology courses I tortured myself with last semester were from my Exceptional Children class.  Now I had already gone through the processes of writing an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and I had just completed stage 1 of his Individualized Education Plan (IEP), but this class gave me further insight into the law, what equality for exceptional children means, and programs that have shown success in the schools.  Hopefully I never have to fully utilize this information, as I now have a wonderful IEP team.  Again, kudos to his chair for being on the ball with the year-round autism classroom (5 slots total, just to give perspective on how coveted this class is).  I visit with the new teacher next Monday on February 8th.

We have a great new toy!  My brother, who has long worked with autistic and special needs children, sent him a Bilibo:

Doesn’t seem like much but it’s a chair, a rocker,a stool, a bucket, an oversized hat to play peek-a-boo with, a cave for toys, it’s sensory and imaginative play in a simple design.  Cade likes to put it over his head and then chants “Where’s Tade?” (his way of saying Cade) then rips it off dramatically and screeches with laughter.  He also used it to get to my coke I had set on the counter out of his way! 

We’re continuing to see great progress on the magnesium and B6 supplements.  Cade’s speech therapist noticed his changes immediately.  She commented that he seems to be absorbing so much more.  At one point, he was looking around the room and taking everything in, and she said that it was as if he we really seeing the room for the first time.  Now that’s a big difference!  I then filled her in that he had started a new supplement and she got the details for her nephew with autism, as she was so impressed with the differences in Cade.

I have some peace on the direction of interventions we are taking.  Not going to add anything new in until behavior therapy starts.  He’s still adjusting to the magnesium and I want to document his gains to see what’s working.    After that, I’m thinking of trying another supplement that’s supposed to help with language, L-Carnosine. You can find the study here:  http://www.autismcoach.com/Carnosine%20Study.htm.

I still dream of Captola’s house, but I usually feel peaceful when I wake.


2 Responses to “Updates Blog”

  1. Rachel Says:

    If I could have another child, I would be at no higher risk to have another neurotypical child than the general population. 🙂

  2. Adoption of Jane Says:

    Cade is a Cutie! My son just turned 3, just was diagnosed Early 2009, and just started School too!!! We have a lot in common!!! Down to the school uniform.. except my sons pants are Dark Blue! Great to meet you, found you on Faces of Autism Site.

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