Good News!

Yesterday was both a terrible day and an awesome one. My son had medical testing done, and had a major meltdown over being poked and prodded so much. He was even headbutting every black woman he saw. He normally loves black women, he’ll go up to any of them and usually smiles or tries to touch them, but yesterday he was MAD! (and he told us over and over again by shouting, I’m MAD! in the hospital for 2 hours straight.)
Anyway, my good news! Insurance is finally going to approve us for behavior therapy, I just have to finish a bit of paperwork tomorrow and wait for the system to catch up! Also his IEP Chairman called and offered us an elusive spot in the year round autism classroom that is *drumroll* located at the end of my street. It starts in July, so he’ll only have a few weeks being off the school schedule. This will be wonderful as he is a bear when his schedule changes.

So although we had to endure a very stressful day to get this, it will relieve stress in the long run, for both of us. I’m pretty excited.


4 Responses to “Good News!”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Hi Melissa. I stumbled upon your blog. You seem to be where I was almost 6 years ago. I read your “What is enough” post. I got so sucked into the biomedical intervention that it made things at home crazy and worse. So, like you, we decided to “pick and choose” with what worked best for our family. We are much more at peace. I too, struggled with accepting and “curing”. All we can do is the best for our kids and I accepted that every kid is different. Every kid with autism is different and therefore needs an intervention customized for them. You are so on track and you are amazing! I understand those doubts and yes, I still have them. I am also so happy for your great news on his year round schooling! That is awesome and I so wish that was something available here. Keep up the great work.

    • Melissa Says:

      I think much of the struggle between cure and acceptence for the parent of a child on the spectrum is classic stages of grief. Now I know I’m not in denial, so I’ll place myself at bargaining. I tell myself if I could just do everything, maybe my son will not struggle. The problem is with ASD, everything is a whole heck of a lot, some of which is not only ill-advised but invasive and even dangerous!

      I am trying supplements, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a hardcore biomed mom. I believe in vaccines. I also believe my son was either born with ASD or it happened at his birth, as he had sensory issues literally at day 1. Of course I am a first time mom, and was ignorant of all things sensory, so I didn’t recognize them till in hindsight.

  2. Rachel Says:

    This is GREAT news! Well done, Miracle Mom. 🙂

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