Alphabet Sounds (Famous Apple Apple-AAA) Song Gets an Update

I just thought I would share Barbar Milne’s updated version of Alphabet Sounds for everyone since the original has been part of our lives daily for almost a year now.

I was pleased to see Cade immediately pick up on the differences and take interest in it.

Visit and comment for Ms. Milne!


3 Responses to “Alphabet Sounds (Famous Apple Apple-AAA) Song Gets an Update”

  1. john tiger Says:

    I have an 18 month grandson who is crying all day because he can not see his Apple Apple youtube video. Don’t know what is involved in the process of taking it off youtube, but please tell me how to get a copy.
    This is cruel.

    I cannot believe the vocabulary of this child since he has started to watch it daily along with several other alphabet songs.
    It’s a winner but dang – you have to be more careful when pulling something like this. I’m more than glad to pay for it but lets not upset the very children we are trying to help!
    John Tiger

    • Melissa Says:

      We bought the cd before I ever found it on youtube. You can buy it here

      The cd cover is a chart that goes from left to right like reading, good foundation for starting that skill. Also if you center it on his body and have him point to the pictures then the letters, it’s a basic excersize in crossing midline.

      I will admit that as an adult the cd is slow and a bit boring, but my son just adores it. She’s articulate and it’s good subject matter.

  2. rashmi Says:

    i want mp3 song for my school’s annual day prog. how i can? frm you tube i am not able to download it can u plz hlp me in this. plz reply soon.

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