Cute Little Blurb.

So little man was out of school friday for a cold, but was completely fine yesterday so I sent him to school today. A few hours into the day the teacher called to see if he was still sick, and she explained he had been crying most of the morning. I told her he wasn’t sick, and it was probably readjusting back to being in school.

I called back a bit after nap time started to see if he had fallen asleep or if he was still crying, and he had fallen asleep. But the teacher explained that his little friend came in, (she hadn’t been there) and that little man’s mood improved greatly after she did.

Apparently, his little group is he and 2 other non-verbal kids, they all speak their own language but seem to understand each other. The teacher even said, they all laugh together at the same time as if understanding each other’s jokes. I’m really glad he’s building peer relationships, even if they speak gibberish to each other!


One Response to “Cute Little Blurb.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    They’re not speaking gibberish. They understand each other. That’s very cool and shows an amazing intelligence in these children. After all, it’s one thing to learn a language, and another to make one up! I’m still working on the former and will never attempt the latter. 🙂

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